BusinessWise, LLC is an executive coaching and consulting firm that Optimizes Leadership and Human Capital Performance for entrepreneurial CEOs of fast moving companies who are dissatisfied with consulting programs which lack a comprehensive system to grow their human capital, increase cash flow and maximize their business valuation.

It was founded by Bruce G. Clinton, as a means of focusing on the special problems entrepreneurial organizations experience as they grow through predictable stages of business development. Bruce has been building profit and productivity in organizations since 1975. BusinessWise's typical client has from 5 to 200 employees and sales in excess of $1 million.

What your lawyer or accountant CAN’T tell you!

About Us

BusinessWise provides hands on, senior level assistance to business owners and senior autonomous mangers experiencing these and other kinds of problems associated with growth and change in their organizations. Often, these owners and senior managers find that BusinessWise provides a useful sounding board for their own ideas and uncertainties....Read More

Client Process

Our Approach: BusinessWise recognizes the higher level of trust, which is required in developing client relationships for such intangible services as consulting and executive coaching. Therefore, BusinessWise has adopted a client development process designed to develop trust at a pace that is most comfortable for the prospective client....Read More


Business wise offers a wide variety of products and services to meet your business needs. Organizational Development and Effectiveness: is the management of change, which begins with the mutual understanding of needs and ends with the implementation of a customized plan designed to meet the organization's specific needs...Read More


“For businesses and really anyone running an organization, "The Secrets OF Building A Great Organization" is a must read. It is full of fantastic, easy to understand solutions to challenges we all face everyday. If you adopt even just a few of the ideas you will see significant improvements in your organizations. I found this book fascinating and loaded with real commonsense facts and suggestions. The trick will be to get managers everywhere -including myself- to be honest about how we operate, so we can take the next steps to improve. Trust me, it’s very good.”

Anthony P. Rescigno
Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

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"Maximizing Human Assets Since 1975"