Executive Search Services

When a new position is needed or created.

When past selection practices did not meet expectations.

When position requirements are unsure..

When turnover is causing executive team building and productivity failures.

When a guarantee of success is vital.



We employ a comprehensive, organizational development process to ensure the success not only of your next executive hire – but also of your business.



Our process begins with the creation of a Position Development Team (PDT) composed of the hiring sponsor, executive team, exemplary performers, and/or key employees who will work closely with the new executive. We complete a thorough assessment of your organization -- your work style, values, leadership, objectives and goals. In this phase we:


•Create a preliminary profile of the right person for the position, using behavioral and organizational measures along with the more traditional background and experience requirements.

•Create a job description

•Develop 30-, 60-and 90-day job performance outcomes as well as six- month and 12-month goals for the position 

•Based on the above steps, determines the type of person the organization will need to grow and thrive



In this phase, we use an in-depth, customized process to ensure we select the right candidates for your organization. We:


•Source, interview and reference-check candidates to ensure they have the required experience and attitude for the position. 

•Develop a short-list of pre-screened candidates

•Administer objective and reliable surveys to the short-listed candidates to measure their values, interests, behavioral and thinking style. Their results are compared to the qualities deemed critical to the success of the position and the organization

•Interview short-listed candidates using behavioral-based questions that reflect the specific needs of the position

•Forward only qualified candidates to the hiring source



We ensure the successful integration of the new person into the business.


Mentor the new hire

•Hold 30-, 60- and 90-day team reviews to determine if the goals and objectives are being met.

•Resolve any issues utilizing team-building, coaching-mentoring and or customized solutions to attain the required results.


Beyond 90-days

Committed partners to our clients, we guarantee our client’s satisfaction with the new hire for one year.


Getting the right executive for your organization can be the difference between your organization’s growth or stasis. We help you take your organization to the next level.

•Reduced financial risk. We are so confident of our ability to help our clients we guarantee our work for one year.

•Time-savings. We save you time by getting you the right person for your position. And then we save you more time by ensuring that the new hire is quickly integrated into your organization -- allowing you to reap the benefits faster.

•Organizational efficiencies. Our organizational approach to search ensures that your organization will perform efficiently – and more productively -- along with a better communicating executive team.

•Improved Retention. Because of our combined search and organizational development work, your new hires will stay longer and your organizational retention rate will improve