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Business wise offers a wide variety of products and services to meet your business needs.

Assessment Services: are designed to help management make sound objective decisions on who to hire, promote or retain, as business and organizational needs change. We provide meaningful pre and post hire assessment products written for mangers to maximize individual and team productivity and to reduce the unbudgeted costs of turnovers.

Management / Leadership Development: is the timely, relevant training in the processes, which strengthen management's ability to develop and maximize their human resources. How to recruit, select, train, manage and motivate people. Reproducing Ideal Client Relationships and Effectiveness.

Organizational Development and Effectiveness: is the management of change, which begins with the mutual understanding of needs and ends with the implementation of a customized plan designed to meet the organization's specific needs. Right people in the right positions, a plan to achieve the vision and goals of the organization and the right processes developed to reinforce and carryout the plans and programs.

Coaching/ Reinforcement: is the regular connection with the company owner and key executives to deal with situations as they occur and to act as a sounding board for ideas and pending personnel or client issues. Planning and training need to be reviewed and reinforced in order to get maximum implementation. The coaching process helps owners and key executives remove "blocks" to achieving their goals.

Executive Search Services: As organizations grow, hit a time of stagnancy, experience turnover in key positions or need to prepare for succession, they need an organizational development approach to hire or promote the right executive with the right “fit” for the organization. We have developed a proprietary process which will remove the risk and doubt from your next critical hiring decision by assuming a large portion of this risk.

Individual Coaching Services: We offer a coaching relationships to business executives and owners. Coaching relies on the premise that the coachee has the ability and the accountability to implement the necessary actions and plans to accomplish goals. The coach's role is to help the client through the process of development and discovery of goals and actions in areas agreed upon as important and significant. The relationship is based on confidentiality, mutual respect and accountability. This relationship is a key part of the implementation of desired and necessary change for individual and organizational growth. Coaching is for the high performer who desires to personally grow.


“….In the four years we worked with you our sales have doubled while the overall marketplace was shrinking. More importantly, our pre-tax, pre-bonus bottom line during the same period was nine times greater. Our involvement has lifted our overall skill level as managers. I highly recommend your organization to any company which is committed to ongoing improvement….”

President of printing company

“…Your guidance and professionalism during the process was instrumental in allowing us to hire the best person for our company….As you told us many times during the selection, hiring is management development. The process you brought us through forced us to clarify exactly what we wanted and needed in this position and allowed us to get not only the person with the correct technical skills, but someone with the attitudes and behaviors that will bring success quickly. We are very pleased with the value-added search….”

Director and Business Manager of a chemical company- now CEO of a chemical company.

Executive Search Service for non profit to hire an executive director:”……I write in recommendation of Bruce G. Clinton and his firm, ASearch, LLC in the role they played in guiding search for a new Executive Director.,,, Our challenge: how to hire the Executive Director who would not only understand the spirit and intent of our organization, but would also have the qualifications to lead the mental health professionals who are the nucleus of its staff and to drive the major fundraising required for the fledging organization. The process Bruce took us through clearly identified the best candidates (matching the previously quantified hard and soft skills required for success)- we have hired an Executive Director, who, six months later is exceeding our defined expectations. We have the comfort of knowing we have someone who can lead us to the next level. I strongly recommend Bruce Clinton and his company, ASearch to any organization needing to make a critical hire…”

President, Board of Directors of a non-profit.

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