“…Bruce has helped me grow my business from 2 million in sales to over 20 million with his invaluable assistance…he has taught our entire company of managers to think for ourselves and to implement the techniques he has taught us- now I have control over my business.. Bruce is probably the most genuine person I have ever met- void of pretense. He focuses on what is best for you. My close relationship with Bruce does not affect what is really best for the business. He has facilitated some potentially serious emotional personnel issues and really kept his cool. Also he has been able to separate my emotions from what is best for the company- keeping me focused on long range goals. I fully recommend Bruce to any owner who cares to increase profit and productivity within their organization.”

Owner of a healthcare services company

“…I have been working with Bruce from well over 15 years. During that time he has been my coach through various succession and growth phases. He has facilitated my company’s growth from 10 to 40 employees and increased my sales significantly. I will continue to recommend Bruce- we have developed an invaluable personal and business relationship. Bruce is sincere truly interested in your problems and all of our sessions have resulted in an ‘Aha’…”

Owner of claims Investigation Firm

“…During the time I worked with Bruce he has helped my company develop a training manual, overhauled our hiring system, developed cross functional teams and facilitated planning retreats. Since initiating our relationship Bruce has been an integral part of our winning the Malcolm Baldridge industry equivalent and increasing our sales by 10 million exceeding our goals. What we like most about Bruce is his hands on style. He is down to earth. He adjusts his work to our needs- it is not canned stuff. He also has a personal touch which is truly rare in his line of work…”

President of office furniture distributorship.

“….In the four years we worked with you our sales have doubled while the overall marketplace was shrinking. More importantly, our pre-tax, pre-bonus bottom line during the same period was nine times greater. Our involvement has lifted our overall skill level as managers. I highly recommend your organization to any company which is committed to ongoing improvement….”

President of printing company

“…Your guidance and professionalism during the process was instrumental in allowing us to hire the best person for our company….As you told us many times during the selection, hiring is management development. The process you brought us through forced us to clarify exactly what we wanted and needed in this position and allowed us to get not only the person with the correct technical skills, but someone with the attitudes and behaviors that will bring success quickly. We are very pleased with the value-added search….”

Director and Business Manager of a chemical company- now CEO of a chemical company.

Executive Search Service for non profit to hire an executive director:”……I write in recommendation of Bruce G. Clinton and his firm, ASearch, LLC in the role they played in guiding search for a new Executive Director.,,, Our challenge: how to hire the Executive Director who would not only understand the spirit and intent of our organization, but would also have the qualifications to lead the mental health professionals who are the nucleus of its staff and to drive the major fundraising required for the fledging organization. The process Bruce took us through clearly identified the best candidates (matching the previously quantified hard and soft skills required for success)- we have hired an Executive Director, who, six months later is exceeding our defined expectations. We have the comfort of knowing we have someone who can lead us to the next level. I strongly recommend Bruce Clinton and his company, ASearch to any organization needing to make a critical hire…”

President, Board of Directors of a non-profit.