About Us

When you need Business-Wise

  • My sales and profit are flat and I am not sure how to correct this
  • I have promoted some of my best producers into management roles and it is not working
  • I have never had a formal planning retreat- I think it’s time has come- but I am not sure how to
  • We have just bought a small company and I am not sure how to merge our cultures
  • Rapid growth has occurred and new executive talent is needed
  • Turnover has occurred in one or more areas of the organization
  • Leadership and management models are lacking and there is a need for more formality
  • The owner and founder may not be achieving their personal goals through the business- it is no longer fun
  • There are issues of bench strength in the management team- no depth of talent
  • I have family members who have expressed interest in joining my business and I am not sure how to best utilize their talents
  • I think I have some good managers, but they are not working well together
  • I am concerned about succession planning and I need to understand how to accomplish this without a major mistake

BusinessWise provides hands on, senior level assistance to business owners and senior autonomous mangers experiencing these and other kinds of problems associated with growth and change in their organizations. Often, these owners and senior managers find that BusinessWise provides a useful sounding board for their own ideas and uncertainties.

We believe that the human Assets of any organization are the key to its success and that their development and maximization is essential. Our unique consulting approach integrates the following services in order to provide pragmatic and timely results for our clients:

Assessment Services

Management / Leadership Development

Organizational Development and Effectiveness

Coaching/ Reinforcement

Executive Search Services

Individual Coaching Services

“…I have been working with Bruce from well over 15 years. During that time he has been my coach through various succession and growth phases. He has facilitated my company’s growth from 10 to 40 employees and increased my sales significantly. I will continue to recommend Bruce- we have developed an invaluable personal and business relationship. Bruce is sincere truly interested in your problems and all of our sessions have resulted in an ‘Aha’…”

 Owner of claims Investigation Firm

“…During the time I worked with Bruce he has helped my company develop a training manual, overhauled our hiring system, developed cross functional teams and facilitated planning retreats. Since initiating our relationship Bruce has been an integral part of our winning the Malcolm Baldridge industry equivalent and increasing our sales by 10 million exceeding our goals. What we like most about Bruce is his hands on style. He is down to earth. He adjusts his work to our needs- it is not canned stuff. He also has a personal touch which is truly rare in his line of work…”

President of office furniture distributorship.